Is It Time to Move In With Your Significant Other?

Let’s imagine this beautiful picture: You and your significant other have been going out for a while. Sleepovers are consistent, and you enjoy your time together. At some point, you start to wonder if it’s time to move in together. But before you take that next step in your relationship, ask yourself the following questions to decide whether the move should happen now, later, or never.

Are You Used to Sleepovers? 

Cohabiting can be tricky, especially if you’ve never done it before. Most relationships that stand the test of time have experimented with and gotten used to falling asleep and waking up alongside one another. This does not mean having a slumber party one night per week. A good tip is to experiment with living together temporarily. If that works, a permanent move might be the next step.

Have You Discussed Finances?

Once you move in with your significant other, all living circumstances change – including finances. Our suggestion? Talk about money before you agree to move in, including any financial issues or decisions that you expect to arise. For example, determine whether you will split everything 50/50 or if one person will be paying more for things like rent, bills, groceries, etc. Make money a regular topic of conversation so that the two of you become comfortable with discussing it.

Do You Like One Another’s Family and Friends?

The people we surround ourselves with are important. But what happens if your significant other doesn’t get along with your friends or family members? This is a necessary question to ask yourself before you move in together. Think about it this way: Friends and family will come over. Some may stay longer than they’re wanted. Others may want you to host game night. Others may pop in for a surprise visit. If your significant other is fine with all of this, you are more prepared to live together.

Have You Had a Really Big Fight?

There comes a time in every relationship where a blow-up fight occurs. It’s natural to have disagreements and arguments, but it’s how you deal with them during and after that matters. The two of you need to know how you respond when intense and angry emotions arise – just like you need to know how the other copes with the aftermath. Ask yourself: How do they get mad? How do they react to you getting angry? How do they try to resolve the issue and move forward from it? If you’re both okay with the other’s problem-solving techniques, it’s a great sign you’re ready to live together.

We invite you to share your experiences and tips for moving in with a significant other in the comments below!

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  1. A family member once tolde always live with the person you think you will spend the rest of your life with because then you will know what life is really like with that person.

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