Tricks for Applying Falsies

What’s the best way to get long, thick, luxurious lashes? In many cases, it’s falsies! False eyelashes are strips or clusters of lashes that you stick on yourself. The only downside? Applying them can be challenging! These tricks will help you apply those falsies quickly and easily so that you can have perfect lashes in no time.

Trim Them

Because everyone has a different eye shape and size, lash strips often come extra long, causing them to hang off the edges of your eyelids. To prevent the droopy look, be sure to trim your lash strips. Before adding glue, hold the strip up to your eye and determine the desired length. Trim off a tiny bit at a time from the longer end, and retest the length between cuts.

Use Glue Appropriately

Some false lashes come with adhesive, but many falsies do not have this feature, meaning you’ll need to use eyelash glue for a good hold. Be careful not to add too much glue, which can make it visible outside of the lashes and even damage fake lashes. Wait several seconds until the glue is tacky so there is no slickness or sliding during application. You can also consider purchasing black lash glue (instead of the typical white), which will blend into your eyeliner and make mistakes less noticeable.

Try the Tilt

When you apply falsies, you might have the urge to look directly into the mirror or to tilt your head down for a better view of your lash line. However, tilting your head back might be the best way since gravity is working with you as you drop the lash strip onto your eyelid. This will let you target your lash line without your natural lashes obstructing the view.


Finally, the last thing you want is a visible separation between your natural lashes and the fake ones, so it’s important to bring the two together. A lash applicator or a pair of tweezers can help you secure your lashes. Then, press your real and fake lashes together, paying particular attention to the inner and outer corners. Finally, apply mascara to both your fake and natural lashes so they seamlessly blend together.

Got any tips for applying fake eyelashes? Share them with us in the comments below!

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  1. I just recently started wearing magnet lashes and I love them. I’ve never been able to ware them, but this might help the job be a bit easier to put them on. Thank you

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