Is It Time for a Social Media Detox?

What’s your average screen time? According to a 2019 eMarketer report, the average U.S. adult spends about 3 hours and 43 minutes on their mobile devices every day. All that screen time can leave a person feeling drained, especially when a lot of it is dedicated to social media. Look out for these signs that indicate it may be time for a social media detox.

The Comparison Game

You know it’s time to unplug when you find yourself making comparisons like “I wish I could travel as much as that influencer” or “I wish I were as fit as this personal trainer I follow.” For many people, social media is simply a highlight reel of their lives. It will only harm you to compare yourself since you will never see the “bad” sides of most people you follow.

Mindless Scrolling

When you open your smartphone, what’s the first thing you check? If it’s social media, you might be overusing it. You will know you are in trouble when you notice that mindless scrolling is your new pastime, the activity of choice when you have a free moment. If you feel like your social media usage has become a habit rather than a conscious choice, you might be ready for a detox.

Separation Anxiety

How did you feel when Facebook and Instagram vanished for nearly an entire day? If the answer is anxious, this may indicate an over-reliance on social media. You should be able to make a grocery run or get through a meeting without feeling the urge to check your phone. If this isn’t the case, try stepping back from social media for a bit so that you can form a healthier relationship with it.

You Plan Events for Posts and Check Likes

If your yearly trip to the apple orchard with friends has become less about spending time together and more about grabbing the perfect Insta pic, you may need to examine your relationship with social media. Another indicator that you need to step back is an obsession with engagement! If you compulsively check your “like” count after making a post, you may need to detox and reset.

First and Last

If social platforms are your first stop in the morning and your last stop before dozing off for the night, it’s time to evaluate. Getting sucked into a social media black hole every morning can result in getting a late start to your day, while phone usage before bed is linked to poor sleep, as well as stress and anxiety.

It can be tough to tell if our relationship with social media is bordering on unhealthy or obsessive. Use these signs to help you identify if yours might be getting out of hand, and if so, take a quick detox to reconsider your usage limits and goals.

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