Did You Know These Trends Are From the 1960s?

While you may be well aware that Gen Z has revived many styles from the ’90s, you may not know that a lot of the fashion we love to rock today is from the 1960s? Here are a few trends that date back much further than just a couple of decades.

(image via matthew’s island)

Leopard Print

Dresses, shoes, bags, bodysuits… you name it, and you can probably buy it today with a leopard-print pattern. But this is an old look revived: Women in the ’60s wore this bold pattern on classic silhouettes for a high-class twist. Looking back on photos of the era, you could easily wear those same styles today.

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Vinyl & Patent Leather

In the 1960s, vinyl and patent leather outerwear dominated fashion catalogs. These slick fabrics were loved for their water-wicking abilities. Today, we are seeing a resurgence of this trend in bright colors and neutrals alike.

(image via kaleidoscope effect)

Chunky Jewelry

Those chunky acrylic rings and earrings that you see all over TikTok are not a ’90s fashion revival – well, they are, but the ’60s did them first. Statement jewelry in bright colors and bold patterns was quite popular during the time, as seen here on the ’60s model, actress, and singer Twiggy.

(image via vintage dancer)

Silk Scarves

Whether worn on the head or around the neck (à la classic flight attendants), silk scarves are a trend straight from the 1960s. However you wear them, this is a trend we are all about reviving. Hiding messy hair while looking vintage? Sign us up immediately.

(image via musée ysl paris)


Rather than wear dresses to work and formal events, women today have options – thanks in part to Yves Saint Laurent, who released the first pantsuit for women in the 1960s. Today, we are seeing an iteration of this trend with tuxedo vests and sexy low-cut blazers.

(image via @feldenchrist/flickr)

Skirt Suits

A segue from the first women’s pantsuits, the skirt suit was an iconic piece of 1960s fashion. These were dressed up for formal events or worn casually with loafers or even boots.

What are some of your favorite trends from the 1960s currently making a comeback? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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