Inexpensive Fall Home Decor Ideas

Fall has officially arrived! This means (if you haven’t already) it’s time to rid your home of sunflowers and seashells and bring on the pumpkins and pinecones. Check out some of our favorite fall home decor ideas listed below and see if any are worthy of adopting!

Create a Pressed-Leaf Gallery Wall

(image via good housekeeping via bless’er house)

If you’re looking for an easy do-it-yourself home project, consider creating a pressed-leaf art gallery. All you have to do is gather the prettiest leaves from your backyard and press them between two large books. Wait a few days, and they will be ready to hang in picture frames on a wall of your choosing. For more tips on creating a pressed-leaf gallery and other fall decor ideas, check out this post from Bless’er House.

Line the Front Steps

(image from one kindesign via @homehydrangea)

Chrysanthemums are the perfect plants for lining your front porch or staircase. Once the buds start growing, you don’t have to do much to keep them alive – all it takes is a little water to keep them up to par. Pair the mums with pumpkins of all sizes!

Use Haystacks Creatively

(image from the knot)

While we’re on the topic of the outdoors, let’s stick to it! Haystacks can dress up any outdoor area, including the front porch, back deck, or middle of the yard. Layer them with seasonal flowers, fake crows, and other festive items.

Consider a Dried Corn Wreath

(image via good housekeeping via brian woodcock)

Instead of a typical fall wreath, get more creative with the entrance to your home by hanging a dried corn wreath on the door. Be sure to alternate the corn colors and weave some straw between each cob for a unique effect.

Use Dried Branches for a Vase Configuration

(image from southern living via laurey w. glenn)
Blooming flowers are perfect for spring and summer, but it’s best to indulge in natural elements like branches, dried grass, and moss in the fall. Arrange these items in a vase to replace a traditional flower display. Add some mini squash and a few small pumpkins to accentuate the autumn color palette.

Do you have any fall home decorating tips? Share them with us in the comments below!


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