How to Turn Social Media Usage Into a Positive Experience

Whether you like it or not, social media is ingrained in our culture. While there are many advantages to social media, studies also link these sites to mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. To flip that experience on its head, here are a few ways to turn your social media usage into a positive experience.

Don’t Add People You Don’t Know

When you focus your attention on your friends, the people you actually know in real life, you have more insight into their backstories. You know the truth versus what’s on social media, which removes that layer of comparison. Plus, you’re more likely to genuinely be happy for a friend celebrating a life event when you know and respect them.

Limit Your Time With It

Social media should not be the first thing you check in the morning nor the last thing you view at night. Instead, schedule time into your day to engage with the apps. Perhaps it’s on your lunch break or in the waiting room at a doctor’s office. Start by slowly reducing your time on various sites until you’re limiting your usage to just 30 minutes (or less) per day.

Live in the Moment, Not for Social Media

If your first thought when you go out is that you need a picture for social media, change your mindset to be present in your experiences. If you’re on vacation or visiting a place you haven’t been to previously, put the phone away and enjoy yourself! It takes baby steps to get to this point, but you can start by being more aware of how often you think about social media and actively attempting to make room for in-the-moment enjoyment.

Avoid the Gossip Train

When you share information on social media, do your best to keep things positive. If you post articles and information, be sure that the source is reliable. If you need to vent, it’s more productive to talk to a trusted friend or family member than to air out your grievances on social media. You should also avoid spreading gossip. If there’s someone you’re prone to gossip about, it might be time to delete them from your feed so you can focus on positivity instead. Arguments and name-calling on social media are never productive.

Take Breaks

Sometimes, we just need a break to step away and regroup. Social media is no different. If you’re feeling the weight of the world due to social media, or find yourself comparing yourself to others, take a break. Your mental health will thank you for it.

Social media does not have to be a negative experience. If you choose to use it positively, focusing on the good and scrolling past the rest, you can develop a healthier, happier relationship with your social accounts!

Do you have any tips for making social media a positive experience? Share them with us in the comments below!

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