How to Style the Bra & Blazer Trend

There’s one trend we feel pretty confident will resurge in full force this spring – and that’s the bra and blazer trend! These tips will help you craft a bra-blazer look that’s both sexy and classy.

Make It Sporty

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A preppy blazer and sportswear don’t seem like the most natural combination but hear us out. Mixing sports bras and sneakers with business-casual gear keeps your outfit from being stuffy and creates the perfect casual look. You can layer a workout set under your blazer or dress it up with denim and accessories. No matter your preference, you’re sure to draw plenty of eyes – and stay plenty cozy while you’re at it.

Bold and Bright

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A bold, brightly colored monochromatic color scheme is perfect for the bra and blazer trend – especially in the season’s trendiest colors (like fuchsia, periwinkle, or red). Not convinced? Take a hint from “it” girl Megan Fox who rocked this stunning all-red number to celebrate her birthday.


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There’s no need for your bra and blazer match. While we love the monochromatic black look, mixing it up with contrasting shades can be just as impressive. You can venture into the space of contrast with a simple black-and-white combo. Once you decide that you absolutely love it (which you will), re-create it with color. Some of our favorite color pairings are yellow and blue, pink and teal, and purple and orange.


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Mix it up even more with the addition of your favorite patterns and textures like stripes, plaid, or gingham. Kourtney Kardashian hopped on this trend by pairing a glittery suit with a silk bralette for a stunning formal look.

Keep It Neutral

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Bright colors are a great way to spice up the bra and blazer look, but neutrals can be just as fashionable (layering basics always elevates an ensemble). Tan trousers and beige linen can keep you cool in even the warmer temps. To polish off the look, just add accessories like white sneakers, nude heels, or chunky gold jewelry.

By trying out different options – like neutrals, bright colors, patterns, and sportswear – you can make sure the bra and blazer trend stays fresh all season long. This easy and all-purpose look will soon be your go-to, thanks to these styling tips.


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