How to Properly Apply Press On Nails So They Last

Sometimes there is no time (or place) to get a fancy manicure. Thankfully, press on nails still exist and can be applied quickly to give a fantastic effect. Many celebrities have proven they are even red carpet-worthy. Here is how you should apply your press-on nails to ensure they look the best they can and stay on for as long as possible.

Find the Right Size

Picking the right size of a nail for your cuticle is essential. This can make or break your look. Therefore you should take time and measure different sizes to make sure you are picking the best option. You can choose an inexpensive professional kit with a variety of sizes to ensure the right fit for you. It allows more choices without having to go the cookie-cutter route.

Make Sure Your Hands Are Not Too Cold

You don’t want your press-on nails to fall off prematurely. It is important to make sure your hands are at the right temperature. This is an essential step as it can influence the way the glue sets. Make sure your hands are neither too cold nor too hot.

Remove Any Excess Polish

To apply the press-on nails properly, first, you need to remove any old nail polish you might have on.

Prep Your Nails

This step is critical to ensure that your nails stay on. First, you need to push back your cuticles. This will guarantee that your press-on nails lay down properly. Then, you want to make sure you remove the excess moisture from your nails to secure the press-on nails. Use cotton swabs soaked in alcohol to do this.

Use Glue

To make your press-on nails last longer, you want to use a good quality glue. It will help them last for over ten days. Once you have glued your nails on, avoid getting them wet or moving the nail around as you want the glue to set properly. While ready-made kits may come with pre-glued nails, they don’t tend to last as long or as well as the brush-on nail glue. Try the Kiss Lightning Speed Brush On Nail Glue which you can apply like a polish to ensure the fake nail bonds to your natural nail thoroughly.

Give Some Shape To The Press-On Nails

Making your nails look natural requires more work. After you glue them on, wait for the glue to set in place. Then shape your nails. This will make them look more natural, and you can adjust them to the shape of your natural nails or your preference of shape.

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