How to Meet People Outside of the Swipe Life

So you’re over the swiping, the matching, the texting and the talking – all that might seem to be leading to nowhere with no-one. Plus, you’re hitting your late 20s slash early 30s and meeting people is getting to be more of a chore.

With the stigma of online dating on the decline, it’s quickly becoming one of the easiest and efficient ways to meet people. Fill in your info, add a pic (or two), come up with a way to stand out from the crowd and your profile is done. Within a couple of minutes, you’re free to get your swipe on and drop a line. For those thinking about giving up and/or taking a break from all the go-to apps and sites, it’s easier than you think to meet new people in real life (pinky promise!).

Whether it’s through work, school, friends, extracurricular activities, coffee hang-outs or grocery store line-ups, there are a million different ways to strike up a conversation and form a connection outside of screen time. To avoid practicing & popularizing the #nownewfriends trend, check out the following ways to meet and greet:

1. Primp & Prep

If you’re (still) hitting the books or returning to school, in addition to the lesson of the day, take note of your classmates.
Whether you’re working to earn a diploma, certificate, or participating in a program outside of work hours for personal development slash enjoyment (hello yogis, artists and book club-goers); feel free to take just as much time primping as you do prepping.

2. A Friend of a Friend

Don’t be that person – the one who chooses to miss out on social gatherings and group get-togethers because of your single status. Embrace taking on the role of third wheel (and beyond) and make an effort to expand your friend circle. If you make a point of surrounding yourself with good people, you will, in turn, surround yourself with good friends of friends.

Plus, you never know when you’ll meet a new face that’s worth asking for a number. And if you’re sick of playing the long game, ask one of your besties to set you up on a blind date. Let’s be real, when it comes to searching for the one, they probably know you better than you know yourself.

3. Public Displays of Attention

Tip of the day: while you’re out and about, doing your thing on the daily, keep an open mind (and eye), exercise a positive attitude and make a point of interacting with others. Don’t be afraid to wear a smile, make eye contact or crack a joke in public and allow communication and conversation to take place naturally.

From the barista behind the counter to the member of your gym or the passenger on your commute, all it takes is to say a simple hello.

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