How To Make The Most of Bitter Foods

Why are bitter foods usually pushed to the back of your mind when you are having a food craving? When you think of healthy foods, do you think of a regular salad, healthy smoothie or lean protein? Bitter foods are great for gut health and weight loss, so incorporating more bitter foods in your diet may help keep you healthier overall.

Eating Bitter

Foods that fall into the “bitter” category stimulate the digestive system and can actually help your body absorb food and digest quicker and more effectively. Food that digests too slowly or improperly can cause inflammation and pain. Bitter food also encourages healthy bacterial growth in your stomach.

Meanwhile, bitter foods are naturally filled with fiber. They can help clean your liver, control cholesterol and prevent Type 2 diabetes. Bitter foods and powders help balance out blood sugar. They also give your metabolism a boost.

So What is a Bitter Food? 

Many green vegetables fall into the bitter category. This includes artichoke, brussels sprouts, chard, kale, spinach, cabbage, arugula and broccoli. Ginger, eggplant, cranberries, red wine, apple cider vinegar and watercress are all bitter foods as well.

When You Should Not Eat Them

If you have existing digestive issues like ulcers or acid reflux, eating bitter food may not be the best choice for you. Talk to your doctor about eating more bitter foods to see if this may affect any preexisting problems.

How To Incorporate Bitter Foods Into Your Diet

Replace your lettuce with spinach leaves in your salads and sandwiches. This will not only give you the benefits of eating bitter food, but it will also add a little extra protein to your diet.

Add green vegetables to breakfast and dinner. Broccoli, brussels sprouts, artichoke and all leafy vegetables can be put in an omelette or steamed and then sauteed lightly in oil as a dinner side dish. Add seasonings like a dash of salt and pepper, a little cheese and other veggies, such as mushrooms or onions to build an even stronger flavor profile. Eggplant can be roasted in the oven and then flash-fried in a skillet with just a touch of butter or oil for a delicious bitter side dish.

Drink a half glass of cranberry juice with dinner to quickly add the power of bitters to your regular diet.

Eat more bitter foods on a regular basis, and you’ll improve your health overall. You’ll find it easier to manage cravings, lose weight and feel great after every meal. Experiment with this flavor and all the ways you can eat it, and you may soon start craving bitter food on a regular basis.

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