How to Have a Really Great Relationship With Yourself

When we hear the word relationship, we tend to think of it in terms of how we behave or interact with others. But we often forget about the relationship we have with ourselves, which is, arguably, the most important! Now, loving and accepting yourself can take a lot of work, so let’s discuss how to nurture this relationship!

Be Nice to You (You Deserve It!)

It’s way too easy to engage in negative self-talk, but no matter what has happened, you don’t deserve to talk to yourself like that. Building a positive inner dialogue is vital for having a healthy relationship with yourself: You’re not only building self-confidence but also fighting off anxiety and depression. As you go about your day, be conscious of how you talk to yourself. If those negative words creep in, change the narrative and look for contradicting receipts.

Get to Know Yourself

Generally speaking, when you make a decision, do you have your best interests in mind? You may have been people-pleasing for so long that you don’t even notice that you put other people’s interests before your own. It’s okay to start small in making decisions that are for you. For example, pick the show you deem binge-worthy on Netflix, take a weekend getaway solo, or go to lunch at that place you love. Another way to get to know you is by identifying your many strengths and how they bring value to your life.

Spend Time With Only You

Spending some time alone is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship with yourself. Whether you’re having coffee at your favorite café or walking around your favorite museum, this is the time to consider your beliefs, passions, goals, etc. Alone time looks different for everybody, so this is another great opportunity to make one of those “by you, for you” decisions.

You Should Go and Love Yourself

Was the Biebs onto something here? Loving yourself includes eating nutritious food, moving your body, getting a good night’s rest, spending time with people who make you happy, learning new things, and seeking professional help when needed.

Practice Compassion

When your best friend messes up, do you throw it in their face every chance you get? We’re guessing no. Practice this with yourself. You’ll make mistakes, but you don’t have to tear yourself down over them. Instead, treat yourself like you would your best friend: full of love, compassion, and understanding. Learn from your mistakes and move on with newfound knowledge.

The Bottom Line

The relationship you have with yourself dictates all other relationships, so if you can love and care for yourself, you’ll be able to love and care for others. Liking and accepting yourself can do wonders for your mental health and productivity, so get to nurturing you!

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