How to Have a More Sustainable Wardrobe and Reduce Fashion Waste

The fashion industry is often criticized for not being eco-friendly, as the industry is one of the biggest polluters out there. But, if you’re going to shop, there are carbon-neutral (meaning these companies do a better job of balancing emissions of carbon dioxide by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere) clothing companies and designers out there! So if you want more ethical clothes, slow down and practice mindful shopping or conscious consumerism. Here are some tips.

First, Do a Closet Refresh

With sustainability in mind, its important to begin your journey by going through your closet and deciding which clothing you really won’t ever wear. You know, those pieces that haven’t been worn in more than five years and you just do not have a need for them. Those pieces should go on Poshmark, sold to a buyback retail store, or given to a donation center.

Change Your Shopping Habits

It’s time to change how you shop! What do you really need for daily use, work, and hobbies? Consider the weather: Do you need heavy outerwear? Do you need more work-appropriate clothes? Do you need special shoes? Start a list and build upon it. Make sure you keep an eye out for items that pair interchangeably.

Before you head to carbon-neutral brands, the most important step of shopping sustainably is by shopping at thrift or vintage stores. You never know what you might find, and anything can be dry-cleaned!

Research Brands and Products

It can be difficult to determine the difference between fashion brands that say they’re sustainable and those that actually are. Unfortunately, truly carbon-neutral fashion is hard to find. But with that said, these are some of our favorite responsible fashion brands:

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