Healthy and Delicious Snacks to Keep You Fueled Throughout the Day

You know the feeling: It’s 3 p.m., you’re feeling sluggish, and the donuts in the break room are calling your name. But you also know that 30 minutes after you indulge, you’ll be hungry again, and before you know it, you’re stuck in a vicious snacking cycle. Instead of falling victim to snacks full of empty calories that leave you wanting more, try these nutritious options that will keep you full and satisfied.

Turkey Roll-Ups

Turkey roll-ups can be as simple or fancy as you want. For a basic turkey roll-up, all you need is sliced thin turkey and your favorite sliced cheese. If you want something extra, we recommend lettuce, crispy vegetables, and your favorite healthy salad dressing.

Red Bell Peppers with Guacamole

Good news for guac lovers: Avocados are full of good fats. If you don’t love red bell peppers, substitute them for another crunchy veggie of your choice.

Trail Mix

Making your own trail mix is the ultimate snack, especially if you sit at a desk, because you can casually nosh on it as you work. To build a “healthier” trail mix, use raw nuts like almonds, pecans, or cashews; raw sunflower or pumpkin seeds; dried fruit; and a little something fun like dark chocolate, popcorn, or pretzels. Combine these ingredients, then portion them out into serving-sized Ziploc baggies.

Yogurt and Berries

Yogurt parfaits are refreshing, delicious, and filling. To make your own, start with a base of no sugar added Greek yogurt, then top with a layer of fresh fruit, another layer of Greek yogurt, more fresh fruit, and so on. You can also add some healthy granola to make this snack more filling and fiber-rich.

Celery and Cream Cheese

If you’re bored of celery and peanut butter, mix it up with cream cheese. You can add some everything seasoning – or spices of your choice – to give it that much more flavor.


As if we need to go into detail! Meat, cheese, crackers, and fresh fruit make a delicious protein-packed snack. It’s a little salty, a little sweet, and filling.

Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas contain fiber, potassium, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and selenium, so you can’t go wrong. First, rinse, drain, and dry your chickpeas. Transfer them to a large mixing bowl, drizzle them with olive oil, and sprinkle your favorite herbs and spices over them. Then, place them in the oven on a baking sheet for about 45 minutes, shaking the pan every 15 minutes. Once they’re dry and crispy to the touch, remove them from the oven. Once cooled, store them in a jar at room temperature for up to three days.


Skip the movie theater popcorn dripping in butter and salt and substitute it for air-popped popcorn with a hint of salt and olive oil. It is high in fiber and keeps you fuller longer.

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