How to Grow Closer with Friends and Family While in Quarantine

It’s official.

We’re officially over life in quarantine – or at least I am.

With the almost turn of the warm weather, it’s natural that we’ll be heading outside to soak up the sun – even if it’s just to spend time on the deck or hang out poolside. Whether it’s a cold drink, a long run or a heat wave, we’ll have a little something to look forward to.

However, no matter the temperature, it’s important to remain socially responsible. So, while rolling up your sleeves, applying sunscreen and getting your tan on, find your own space to drop a towel.

For the nature lovers and social butterflies (insert the girl raising hand emoji) in your life, the order to stay home and stay safe might be especially hard. The urge to leave the house and return to normal is real. For the people who want to make the best of the safer at home situation and spread positivity, there is a silver lining. Along with keeping comfy, cozy and in your jams around the clock, life in quarantine is offering time for reflection.

While self-isolating and social distancing, I’ve become (even) closer with my friends and family. With an open schedule and some extra time, I’ve had the opportunity to touch base and follow up with gal pals, best buds, old flames, new friends and loved ones. It’s at a time like this (when you need to depend on others), that you come to evaluate and prioritize your social circle. From spending more time texting, talking, contacting and connecting with friends to sharing more time with family members via board games, long walks and good meals, read on to learn how to grow closer with the most important people in your life online and in-person.

  1. Search and Download: make space for one (or two) more apps

Beyond all the go-to ways, face-to-face social networks such as Zoom & Houseparty have become the new norm. Offering the chance to connect with more friends than usual via group chat and interact in more ways than one including talking, messaging and playing games, the shared apps allow users to feel more connected.

  1. Plan a Date Night: pour a drink, make a meal and catch up from a distance

Whether with your significant other or best friend(s), plan a date night to spend an eve talking, listening and laughing without any type of distraction. Like the reviewing of a menu, the playing of loud music at the restaurant and the ticking and tracking of ongoing notifications (from both and/or all parties).

Along with wining and dining and pulling off all the romantic feels, schedule a trivia, bingo or card night. Shout out to my friend who’s taking time to plan and host some type of interactive game night Monday – Friday at 8 p.m. via Instagram Live. One fan favorite: Name that Quarantune.

  1. Together Forever: spend quality time with family in-house and off the couch

Ok. So, maybe not forever. More like the foreseeable future. Make a point of sitting around the dinner table, spending time with your family, creating art, telling stories, sharing laughs and more. Because even though one (or all) of your family members might be getting on your nerves and/or testing your patience, with the blink of an eye (hopefully), this weird and wacky time will be over. And you don’t want to regret how you spent life in quarantine binging on reality TV.

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