The Swimwear Brands To Watch Out For

Ready or not, here swim season comes. Everyone’s summer plans have taken an unexpected turn, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have the opportunity to debut a new suit for the season (even if it’s just on your Instagram feed). If you’re in the market for some updated swimwear, we’ve rounded up the best brands that seem to be nailing the swimwear game this summer.

Stone Fox Swim Click Here

This California based brand is what summer dreams are made of. With a wide array of styles and silhouettes, Stone Fox Swim easily accommodates every woman’s swimwear needs. From itty-bitty bottoms to fuller coverage suits, the prints and colors feel original and fresh. You’ll have no trouble feeling unique and special in one of their suits.

Youswim Click Here

This super minimal swimwear line offers six silhouettes (two one-pieces and four bikinis) in a wide range of colors to fit your personality. What’s cool about this brand is there’s no sizing. They design their swimwear to be “seven sizes in one.” They define this as anyone between a US size 2 and 14 will fit perfectly into their swimsuits. This may make you skeptical, but review after review swears by the suits. Plus, their site features a diverse group of models to help women envision what the suits will look like on them. Still not sold? Check out their Instagram. There’s an endless collection of user generated images that prove this brand is really made for every woman.

Left on Friday Click Here

This one’s for the active girl. If your swimwear plans go beyond laying out and light water interaction, this is the swimsuit for you. Left on Friday suits are made to be moved in without sacrificing style or comfort. Their suits are bright and vibrant and made from their “smoothing dream fabric.” This material claims to smooth you out, resist snagging, resist fading, dry quickly, and more. So, whether you’re surfing, lounging, or something in-between, this suit has you covered. Basically, you’re going to love it.

Reformation Click Here

Here’s the wildcard. Reformation isn’t a swimwear brand, they’re a clothing brand that makes swimwear (for a lot of reasons, that’s an important distinction). This may make shoppers wonder if their suits are really worth the price tag, but as a big Ref fan, we gave this brand a try and can personally stand for these suits. The print looks just as good in person as online, and the material felt great. Plus, it stands up through several wears and washes. If you’re looking for a fashionable suit to look and feel amazing in, these suits are for you.

A swimsuit is an extremely personal purchase, so finding a brand that makes you feel like a water goddess is priority number one. What are your favorite swimwear brands? Sound off in the comments and let us know what brands we should be shopping for summer 2020 and beyond. Tried one of the brands above? Let other readers know your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on my swim-ready roundup.

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