How to Get Rid of a Pimple Overnight

Though pimples are completely normal, it’s never fun to wake up to one of these uninvited guests – especially when you have an important event coming up. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to get rid of (or, at the very least, minimize) pimples overnight! Timeliness is key, so the sooner you start instilling these tricks, the better!

Hands Off!

We get it: It is tempting to try to remedy the problem by popping. However, many of us know all too well that this technique rarely leaves you with your desired results. Popping your pimple can introduce new bacteria to your skin, perhaps even further into its surface, making your zit worse. This is especially true if your pimple has yet to come to a head, as it can further aggravate breakouts, swelling, and inflammation that takes longer to heal – and can leave scarring and hyperpigmentation in its wake.

According to experts, the only types of pimples that are fit for popping are tiny, surface-level bumps that look like they’re already about to pop on their own. Even then, simply washing your face with warm water and soap for a minute is typically all it takes for these pimples to extract themselves.

Pimple Patches

One of the handiest inventions to gain popularity in recent years is the pimple patch, a tiny sticker containing hydrocolloid gel that you place on top of your zit. The gel sucks up any bacteria, excess oil, and sebum that is causing your pimple to look inflamed and swollen.

Pimple patches are best for pimples that have already become whiteheads. If your pimple has yet to reach the skin’s surface, a pimple patch won’t do much, but a micropoint patch might! These patches come with tiny little points that essentially inject your early-stage blemish with skin-soothing ingredients that keep it looking calm and flat.

The best part about pimple patches is that you can wear them under makeup – so you don’t need to contaminate your pimple during its healing process.

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Ice, Ice, Baby

If you’ve ever dealt with any swelling from an injury, a bug bite, or the like, you were probably advised to apply ice to the wound area. If your pimple has yet to come to a head, but there’s a bump under your skin, icing it is an easy way to alleviate inflammation. But don’t directly place an ice cube on top of your skin! Instead, wrap it in a clean washcloth or T-shirt and hold it on top of the pimple for 10 minutes. Take a five-minute break, then repeat the process.

Creams and Oils

The last thing you want to do is bombard your pimple with a bunch of different topical products that could further irritate it. Instead, stick to the stuff that works. Here are some recommended ingredients to apply to your pimple:

Note: If you’re using hydrocortisone cream, concentrate the product on the pimple itself and not on the surrounding skin! Use for only three days at most, as it could clog pores.

Emergencies Only

If your pimple has shown up on the eve of a particularly important day (like a wedding, prom, etc.), there is another way to achieve a calmer, flatter, more easily concealable blemish by the next day: a cortisone shot. This last-ditch effort works especially well with cystic acne or deep, angry pimples. A dermatologist will inject your blemish with a diluted corticosteroid that shrinks the irritated, swollen cells. Within a day, you should notice a significant reduction.

Do you have any overnight pimple-removing hacks? Let us know in the comment section below!

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