A Crash Course in Making Your Own Clothes

We don’t know if it’s TikTok inspiring us or if we’re just on a DIY kick, but we’re becoming obsessed with the idea of making our own clothes. It’s a fun process that gives you complete total control over the pieces you have in your closet. Of course, it will take time to master the techniques, but in the meantime, here’s a quick how-to guide to get you started!

What You Need

Before we get into this, here is a list of materials you’ll need.

  • Needles and thread: The kind will vary, so as you’re starting, it’s best to begin with a variety pack.
  • Seam ripper: You’ll be happy to have this – trust us.
  • Fabric Scissors: Not all scissors are made the same!
  • Iron: You’ll be ironing pieces and hems as you go, so it’s good to keep one on hand.
  • Pins: Pins are vital when it comes to sewing, so make sure to stock up. And don’t forget the pincushion!

Choose the Right Piece of Machinery

To consistently make your own clothes, you will need a quality sewing machine. If you or someone you know is educated in the various components of a sewing machine, you may be able to find one at your local thrift store. If not, head to the craft store and search for a Brother sewing machine; these are famously beginner-friendly. If you’ve never touched a sewing machine, the internet is full of tutorials.

Pattern Prep

Now it’s time to start thinking about your first project. If you like to go all in, go for it! But we recommend starting small and with scrap fabric. Patterns may seem overwhelming at first, but you will learn as you go. Trust the process. But whether it’s your first project or your 50th, always read the directions and ensure you understand the pattern before getting started!

Choose Your Fabric

This is just one of the many ways you get to be creative. If you want a silk miniskirt, no one is stopping you. But if you aren’t sure what you want, refer to your pattern, which will explain how much fabric you need for your garment as well as material recommendations.

Try As You Go

As you begin your garment, you’ll want to try it on several times to ensure that the fit is just how you like it. While this part of the process can be tedious, it will give your new wardrobe a more tailored look and feel. Don’t be discouraged if your pieces take longer than you think they should. Practice makes perfect!

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