How To Get Pink Makeup To Look Good On Your Skin

Pink is in right now. As one of the trendy makeup colors, pink is a must-have part of your palette. But what if you’ve never liked the way pink makeup looks on you? Anyone can wear pink; you just need to know how to find the right shade and use it the right way.

Pretty Pink Look

Try wearing a pink makeup look by starting out simple. Choose a single shade of pink in a light or pastel shade and sweep it across your eyelids. Forget about eyeliner, and use only a touch of mascara if you want to add some definition around your eyes. Kiss the apples of your cheeks with a sheer pink blush, and finish the look with a light pink gloss. The light pinks altogether will give your skin a warm, healthy-looking flush that enhances your natural beauty.

This is a simple starter look that’s easy to create. As you get more confident and find shades that compliment your skin, experiment with different shades of pink in bolder, more vibrant shades to explore all the ways that pink can work for you.

Which Pink Are You?

Pink makeup can do a lot. Choose a pale pink, and you can wear this color the same way you’d wear a neutral makeup look.

If you have fair skin, look for a mauve pink that has purplish or red undertones. A medium skin tone looks best with coral pink; something with orange undertones. Reach for a rich berry pink with a lot of warmth if you have a dark skin tone.

Looking Good in Pink

Experiment with soft and bold pink makeup looks this spring and summer, and see how good you can look in shades of pink.

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