How to Get Along With Your Co-Workers

If you don’t get along well with all of your co-workers, you’re not alone. Work can be stressful, boring, frustrating and exhausting, and it’s hard to maintain positive feelings about the people around you when you’re in those conditions. And sometimes, personalities simply clash. But getting away from those coworkers you dislike isn’t always an option. That means you’ve got to find a way to get along with them instead. It sounds impossible, but it really can be done.

Mind Your Manners

Whenever you have trouble with someone, fall back on basic politeness. Start by not giving them any ammunition to complain. Always clean up after yourself around the office, go somewhere private to conduct any personal calls and avoid bringing up subjects that can cause problems or make people uncomfortable. Don’t give that annoying coworker anything to complain about, and they’ll be forced to bother you a whole lot less.

Just Listen

People may need to blow off some steam about work. Co-workers may end up venting about the boss, each other, clients or their personal lives while they’re at work. And while this can be exhausting and aggravating, do your best to suffer it with a smile. Don’t offer advice or opinions, just work on being a good listener. Throw in a comment or question every once in a while and just let them run out of steam. By not offering any advice, you’ll avoid potential landmines. Because you’re a good listener, they’ll walk away feeling good about the conversation and you can get right back to work.

Do Your Work

Focus on getting your work done and doing it well. Stay away from office drama and arguments. Avoid conflicts, and don’t worry about what other co-workers are doing or how well or bad they’re doing their jobs. Just do yours, and let everything else sort itself out.

Respectfully Tell Them to Stop

If a certain co-worker or multiple co-workers are just absolutely driving you crazy, calmly tell them that they’re disrupting your work and why. Sometimes, people aren’t even aware that their behavior is making someone else feel anxious, angry or emotional. Be polite and be casual, and ask them to stop any specific behavior or activities that you can no longer tolerate. It’s scary to confront issues head-on like this, but it can be surprisingly effective.

Playing Nice at Work

Work can throw a lot of different people together, people you ordinarily wouldn’t speak to. This can make it difficult to thrive and feel comfortable, but stick to these basic rules and you will do more than just survive your work day.

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