How To Fool Your Friends and Family on April 1st

When they’re harmless, pranks and practical jokes can be a lot of fun. That is what April Fool’s Day is all about. For this April 1st, try pulling some funny pranks on your friends and loved ones so you can laugh for days, or weeks!

Salt in the Cookies

Food pranks are always fun, and salt in the cookies is a classic gag. Bake up a batch of chocolate chip cookies — but do it poorly by substituting salt for the sugar in the recipe. The cookies will bake normally and look great, but they will be truly inedible. Set the cookies out and offer them sweetly to friends and family members. Seeing their faces when they bite the cookies will be epic! If you can keep a straight face, some people may even try to smile through their pain or choke down the cookie to keep from hurting your feelings.

Candy Onions

Get a few onions and peel them completely. Mix a cup of light corn syrup, two cups of water, three cups of sugar and a teaspoon of red food coloring to make syrup. Spear the onions onto popsicle sticks and coat them completely with the red syrup. Before the syrup dries, sprinkle thinly diced nuts over them to make candy onions.

Be sure to cover the onions with the syrup completely, or this prank won’t work. When you’re done, you’ll have candy onions that look exactly like candy apples. Offer them to your loved ones, and get your phone ready so you can take a picture of their expressions when they bite!

Simple Swap

Get your hands on an empty donut box. If you make a purchase at a bakery, you can probably sweet-talk them into giving you an empty box. Buy a donut as well, for yourself. Go home and fill up the box with health food: celery stalks, carrot sticks, broccoli and other veggies. Close the box and place it on the counter in the kitchen before your family wakes up. Turn the oven on and place a small piece of your donut in it to warm it and give the house the smell of delicious donuts. When your family wakes to the smell of donuts and helps themselves to the box, they will be in for a surprise! 

Broken Remote

If you have a DVR or recording device, make sure it’s set to record everyone’s favorite shows before you pull this prank. Next, take a little piece of electrical tape and place it over the sensor on the front of the remote. Whenever anyone attempts to use the remote, it won’t work! You can sit back and laugh while they change the batteries, call for help and get totally frustrated.

Have Some Fun

Don’t let this April Fool’s Day go to waste. Whether its tricking someone to eat salt cookies or letting them down after the lure of fresh donuts, you won’t get another day this year where this will be forgiven as easily. So go ahead and play those pranks!

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