Housewarming 101

While the host of the housewarming has the food, drinks, and music to worry about, the guests may want to score a win with their gift game. When it comes to attending a housewarming (or house party) it’s important to think outside of the counter and cabinet.
FYI: Gifting a bottle of wine is so old school (acceptable: yes, thoughtful: not so much). A quick and easy go-to, sticking with the alcohol theme is a polite way of saying I don’t know you (slash your taste in home décor) and I didn’t have time to pick something else up. It’s been done before (over & over). That said, if you’re an acquaintance or a guest of a guest it’s the perfect way to go. Check out this duo of housewarming hints to earn points as a guest.
1. Suss Out the Sitch
Consider the following factors: the age, style and/or personality of the host, your relationship to the host, the type of residence and the current season. Since it’s a housewarming, look for a little something that elevates the space such as a stylish decoration, small piece of art or a cactus and succulent combo. Tip: purchase an item that no one thinks to buy on their own. Feel free to go the personalized route to add a special touch, like a soft throw blanket with their initials for their living room.
Think about the person or people that you’re buying for and shop and price-point accordingly. Depending on the season, if there is a pool, garden, balcony or backyard in the mix, keep the outdoor space in mind. Hence the sparklers!
2. Create & Craft It
Whether you’re low on cash, a regular in the craft section or a fan of the one-of-a-kind, spend a day leading up to the housewarming scrolling Pinterest, scanning YouTube, exploring your creativity and practicing your skills. If you’re an artist on the down low, gifting a friend or family member with an original piece of work is top of the list. And if you’re not, it’s the thought that counts! Visit a local studio, shop or pop-up for the next best thing.
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