Health & Wellness Upgrades for Your Home Office

The world has largely shifted from working in an office to working from home, but many of us are still adjusting to the transition. Setting up a separate space in your home that’s just for work is essential to your mindset and at-home productivity. In order to help bridge that gap from office to work-from-home space (and to ensure your home office is as comfortable as can be) here are a few health & wellness upgrades to consider for your at-home workplace.

Standing Desk

Talk to any chiropractor or physical therapist and they will tell you that sitting at a desk all day has negative impacts on your body. However, for those of us with desk jobs, sitting all day is a necessary evil. Or at least, it was.

Standing desks allow you to avoid sitting all day while remaining productive. While they can be pricey, these desks (when paired with a mat to stand on) negate the negative impacts of sitting all day long.

Our Pick: Fully Jarvis Techwood Standing Desk, $475.15 (click here)

Yoga Ball Chair

For some of us, standing part of the day is realistic, but standing all day isn’t going to cut it. If that’s the case for you, look into a yoga ball chair as an alternative form of support.

Yoga ball chairs are thought to help improve posture (by stopping you from slouching), improve your balance, and strengthen your core, all while you’re sitting at your desk. The caveat is that the chair doesn’t work for everyone, and there is conflicting information about its effectiveness. For instance, some studies show a yoga ball chair helping and some show it worsening lower back pain conditions. You may want to consult with a physician prior to purchasing one.

Our Pick: Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair, $69.98 (click here)


As we enter the winter months, dry skin is bound to happen. Now that you’re home, setting up a humidifier in your home office will help add moisture back to your skin and keep your nasal passages happy through cold season. Humidifiers come in a variety of forms: some plug directly into your computer, while standard humidifiers plug into the wall and can be placed on your floor or desk. Regardless of the humidifier you choose, you’ll find your skin will thank you for choosing it!

Our Pick: Huumi Humidifier, $69.99 (click here)

Exercise Equipment

There are countless new exercise inventions that help you stay active while working. For instance, some treadmills have a built-in shelf to hold your laptop, and there are even under-desk bikes that you can use while sitting during the day. If you don’t have a lunch hour to utilize for exercising, or can’t squeeze in a workout outside of work hours, you can always use one of these inventions to incorporate a workout into your workday!

Our Pick: FlexiSpot Under Desk Bike, $259.99 (click here)

Plant Life

Plant life is proven to make people more productive. Plants not only act as a form of stress relief, but they also have been shown to alleviate depression and increase positivity in nearby workers. Whether you have a green thumb and can keep an orchid alive, or you opt for a low-maintenance succulent, you (and your work) will reap the benefits, either way!

Our Pick: Bloomscape Tough Stuff Collection Gift Set, $65 (click here)

Use Calming Items

Last, but not least, your home office should be a reflection of you. Whatever you need in your workday should be available to you. Removing clutter from your desk, for instance, can help alleviate stress, as can calming incense or candles. Surround yourself with the items that make you the most comfortable and you’ll see the impact on your psyche during and after the work day!

Our Pick: Bodha Ritual Smokeless Incense, $32 (click here)

Upgrade your home office so that it’s equipped to help you get through the day and be as comfortable as possible.

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