Guide to Dating Someone Who Has Been Divorced

Being in a relationship with someone who has been divorced comes with some unique challenges, but a happy, healthy relationship is totally possible, and we’re here to prove it. Let’s review some things to remember as you navigate this new relationship.

Just Double-Checking

Before your relationship gets too serious, make sure that your partner is actually divorced. There is a big difference between a divorced person and an almost divorced person. If you find out that things are complicated and the divorce hasn’t been finalized, it’s best to steer clear until you know where everyone stands.

Accept the Ex

If there are kiddos from the previous marriage, know your partner’s ex will likely always be in the picture. Even if children aren’t involved, there’s a chance the ex will come up in conversation. The bottom line is if you are insecure about your partner’s past relationships, being with someone that has been divorced may not be for you.

Take It Slow

It’s normal for a relationship to move slower than usual if one person has been through a divorce, which isn’t necessarily bad. So be patient. If you become frustrated, remind yourself about all the reasons that you want it to work.

Trigger Warning

Once you start opening up to each other, you’re bound to have questions about the divorce. Keep in mind that this could be a touchy subject. Respect how much or how little they want to tell you, and be patient with them as they open up.

Check Your Expectations

It’s tempting to jump into a new relationship with all kinds of expectations, but a divorce makes things a little more complicated. For instance, you may be ready to meet your SO’s family, but they may be hesitant.

Marriage Could Be On or Off the Table

If your partner’s last marriage turned out to be toxic, it’s natural for them to be unsure about where they stand on the whole marriage issue. It’s also important to ask yourself if it would be a dealbreaker if this person never wanted to get married again.

Don’t Be Nervous

It can be scary to enter a relationship with someone knowing they had a very serious relationship with someone else at one time, but if you feel a connection to them, don’t be scared to pursue it. There are a ton of reasons why a marriage didn’t work. And, let’s face it: Some people have been in committed relationships longer than some marriages have lasted!

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  1. Great advice 👍 Not rushing and taking time to truly know someone is key to a great relationship 👍

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