Inadvertent Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Hair

None of us are trying to damage our hair, but we could be making these common mistakes in our haircare routines that are inadvertently damaging it. Let’s review!

Washing Your Hair Too Often

Don’t get us wrong, we love long, hot showers. But everybody has different haircare needs, which makes it tricky to figure out an appropriate washing schedule. Washing your hair too often also strips hair of its natural oils, which leads to dry, dull locks that are more susceptible to damage. Over-shampooing can also make hair greasier because your scalp works overtime to produce more oil.

Shampooing the Wrong Way

Believe it or not: There is a wrong way to shampoo. The proper way is to work the shampoo into your scalp, then let the suds flow through the lengths of your hair while you rinse. There is no need to massage your ends unless you have been playing in the mud!

Conditioning Your Roots

Unless you want flat, oily hair, don’t condition those roots. Instead, start at the ends of your hair and work your way up, stopping mid-length.

Addicted to Updos?

We consider ourselves queens of the messy bun, but wearing your hair up every day can strain your locks from the roots, leading to hair loss. This is easily fixed by wearing your hair down more often and letting your scalp breathe.

Blasting the Hair Dryer

When you use a hair dryer, attach a diffuser or nozzle to the head and hold the appliance at least 5 inches away from your tresses. Getting the heat too close can burn hair quickly. Also, be sure to clean out your hair dryer’s filter regularly. Any debris buildup prevents your blow-dryer from packing power like it should, exposing your locks to heat for longer than needed.

Using Tools on Damp Hair

We get it – the mornings get away from you! But we are begging you not to use heat tools on damp hair. If you’re running too late to dry your hair completely, try using a claw clip.

Going Crazy With Styling Products

Styling products are great for keeping hair intact, but too much can weigh down your mane and leave it greasy. Start with a little bit of product, work that in, then go back for more if you need it.

Too Much Exposure

Step away from the Sun-In and lemon juice. It can be tempting to use lighteners when you know you’ll be in the sun for an extended period, but overdoing it can lead to extremely dry hair.

Putting All of Your Trust in Highlights

Highlights are designed to accent your natural color and add dimension. They are not meant to cover grays or as an all-over hair color. You’ll end up with dry, over-processed tresses. Instead, consider a single-process color to dye your hair with minimal stress.

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