Going on a Fall Vacay? Here Are Some Packing Tips

’Tis the season for a weekend getaway! Whatever your ideal fall vacay looks like – a cozy cabin, a nature trail, or a winery – packing can be a hassle due to unpredictable weather. Some of us fall under the category of “I better pack 37 pairs of underwear just in case,” while others think, “I’ll just throw some clothes in my bag as I’m heading out the door.” No matter where you fall on the spectrum, we have some tips that might ease the process.

Always Pack An Extra Layer – or Two

You never know when you may need a little extra warmth, especially when fall days typically start crisp, warm up in the afternoon, then cool down again at night. So make sure to include an extra layer, be it an oversized cardigan, jacket, head warmer, or scarf.

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Stick to a Color Scheme

Sticking to a color scheme allows you to mix and match pieces all over the place. Pro tip: Stick to base pieces in neutral hues.

Pack Your Shoes Accordingly

If your fall weekend getaway is to the city, pack shoes that are stylish and comfortable, such as booties with block heels or Docs that are already broken in. If you plan on being one with nature, opt for some tried-and-true waterproof hiking boots to prepare for any unexpected showers.

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Be Prepared for the Elements

Fall is known for being a little windy and rainy, so be prepared by packing an umbrella and/or rain jacket. You’ll be glad you did so if you see storm clouds brewing.

Add Tights

If you love wearing short dresses and miniskirts, be sure to pack some tights, whether they’re matte, fishnet, lace, or polka dot. This is also a great way to add interest and texture to your outfit.

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Never Underestimate the Power of Fall Minimalism

We think getting dressed in the fall is easier than other seasons. We mean it! There is a lot to be said for an outfit consisting solely of a sweater French-tucked into jeans and paired with your favorite shoes. You could wear this every day of your vacation and look effortlessly stylish.

Don’t Leave Out the Accessories

Accessories are a great way to take your outfit to the next level – no matter what you’re wearing. Pro tip: Pack pieces of jewelry individually or as a set you intend to wear together in a small Ziploc or paper bag. This will prevent things from getting tangled, and you have the added benefit of keeping accessories with the outfit you intended them for.

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