How to Achieve the Glossy Eye Look

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Hailey Bieber’s flawless makeup at the 2021 VMAs only confirmed what we already knew: The glossy eye trend is here to stay! If you love the look and want to replicate it, it’s easy! Simply follow these tips.

Apply Your Base

First, choose an eyeshadow shade to serve as your base. Don’t be afraid to test out different textures like shimmer, metallic, or matte (but steer clear of glitter, which can look clumpy once the gloss is applied). For a bold look, build the color until it is opaque. A liquid eyeshadow can help you achieve a more solid base coat if you are looking for intensity. You don’t have to add eyeliner, but it can help define and draw more attention to your eyes. Apply a thin line along the lash lines if desired.

Choose the Right Gloss

Now it’s time for the fun part: getting glossy! The key to this step is having the right product. Think about the weather where you live. Will your eyes get sticky when you step into the humidity? Also important is the thickness and weight of your gloss. Read up on the products you are considering, as different glosses have different finishes. Some are designed for the typical glossy look, others offer a subtler dewy sheen, and the most intense ones grant a highly impactful glass-like shine.

Use Your Fingers

Once you’ve selected the appropriate gloss, use your fingers to apply (gloss is difficult to clean out of makeup brushes). Start in the middle of the eyelid and lightly tap on a thin layer. Continue tapping as you work toward the outer edges of your eyelid. Avoid applying gloss to the creases, where it will build up. And be careful not to get any gloss inside your eye!

What to Do With the Rest of Your Face?

You have the bold, glossy eyes you were looking for, but now what should you do with the rest of your makeup? It’s easy to go overboard. Instead, apply a natural base all over your face. You can top this off with a bit of blush for warmth. Keep your lips natural, or use a matte shade. And keep highlighter minimal; you want your eyes to do all the shining.

The glossy eye is an achievable look that makes a big statement. Remember, it’s normal for them to feel a little sticky or heavy. If it’s bothersome, you can always try a lighter eye gloss or balm like Honest Beauty’s Magic Beauty Balm ($13, shop here). And don’t forget that a touch-up is as easy as swiping your finger over your lid!

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