Give Yourself Super Straight Hair

Hair trends are going through some rapid shifts right now, and the hottest style is a complete deviation from the looks that have been fashionable in the past. This year, it’s all about super straight hair — which means you need to know all about how to achieve the look.


It is possible to get sleek, straight hair, even if you have naturally curly or frizzy locks. In this case, don’t style your hair when it’s wet. You need to use high heat to get a super straight hair, so be sure to blow dry your hair thoroughly before you begin. If you have curls, work in sections with a brush and flatten out those curls as best you can during the drying process.


Apply product to your hair before you start using tools. Cover your tresses with a thermal protector so the heat damage is  minimized. Next, apply a little hairspray or mousse before you apply heat. Comb it in to make sure it is uniform throughout your hair.


Part and comb your hair. Use a straightening iron to straighten your hair section by section. Use a fine-tooth comb to guide your hair before you pass the straightener over each section. Go over sections of hair more than once, if needed, to flatten down any frizz or lingering curls.

When straightening, pull each section of hair out and straighten it, moving out away from your scalp, not down. If you pull down on your hair, it will end up looking flat. You still want your hair to have some life and lift to it.


You can add more product to your hair to keep it in place, especially around the part line where a little frizz may pop up. Avoid using too much product, particularly around your roots so your hair won’t look greasy. You can do this by spraying the air in front of you with hair spray and walking through it.

Super straight hair looks sleek and elegant, and it’s a great look for everything from casual to formal styles.

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