From Summer Fling to Holiday Honey

With flip flop and bikini season long gone, it’s time to look ahead and breakdown the second type of casual romance that is all fun and no work. While the holiday season is often more mess, more stress, the vacay to re-energize and re-charge shouldn’t only be filled with grocery lists, wrapping paper rolls, and travel plans. Enter: the holiday honey.

All mingle; all jingle, think summer fling, but winter season. For those living the solo life, pairing up with a holiday honey is the perfect way to fight the winter blues and ring in the New Year. Whether you’re trying to avoid all of those regular (and on repeat) relationship questions from family members or wanting to get over being away from home, keeping low key and carefree is the best look. To pick up on all of the dos and don’ts of doubling up, read on.

The Dos and Don’ts

Do: make sure that there is a mutual understanding of the relationship
Don’t: feel the pressure to turn play into permanency

Be mindful of the person that you give the title to. When it comes to expectations, it’s important to be up upfront and honest. This way, you can avoid leading anyone on and any hard feelings. Quick tip: stay away from all exes, and co-workers.

Do: keep it light and loose
Don’t: expect to reach couple status

Start with a rule (or two), but stick to the plan: bundle up (or down) and have fun. Either way, read the situation, check your calendar and figure it out along the way. Word of warning: don’t invite your holiday honey to a seasonal event (way) in advance. It could be a short sleigh ride.

Do: something Christmas-y
Don’t: plan to exchange gifts

Since the month of December is all about preparing for the holidays, don’t forget to celebrate under the mistletoe. Between the cookie exchanges and the potlucks, the shopping trips and the wrapping gifts, the holiday parties and the family traditions, find time to spend one-on-one. Whether sitting by the fire or sipping on eggnog, forgo the hassle of lining up and gift-giving to rest and relax.

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