Don’t Be a Hero; Why You Should Stay Home If You’re Sick

You woke up not feeling your best, but you feel guilty about taking time off work. Or maybe you don’t feel like calling your boss and explaining why you aren’t coming today. Whatever your reasons may be, it’s never a good idea to push yourself and go to work sick.

Why you need to recover properly

By avoiding rest, which is necessary for recovery, you could make your health problems worse and end up having to take a more extended period of sick leave. Taking some over the counter medicine and powering through it won’t solve the problem. Medication, like Advil, can minimize symptoms, but won’t help with recovery. By denying your body rest, you increase the chances of developing a more severe health issue.

You can’t be productive

Being sick will prevent you from putting your best foot forward and completing tasks to the best of your ability. Therefore, you will be wasting your time as well as the time of your co-workers and employer. You will be more prone to mistake as you won’t be able to concentrate properly.

Don’t spread illness

When you go to work when sick, you come in contact with many people. You put them all at risk of getting sick. While the symptoms may not be too bad for you, they can be deadly for someone else; something like the simple flu can cause bigger health problems. Viruses can spread quickly, and anyone who comes in a three-meter radius around you is in danger of getting sick.

The show must go on

No matter how important your job is, your co-workers can manage without you for a couple of days. Focus on getting better, so you can give it your best when you recover.

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