Forget The Little Black Dress, There’s a New Trend In Town

Most fashion gurus agree that while many trends come and go, there are certain pieces that are essential to any wardrobe. This summer’s hottest fashion staple isn’t the little black dress, the pair of dark sunglasses or the pretty floral dress. It’s the fluffy white blouse, and it’s a must-have trendy style.

Fluffy White Fashion

This is a fashion item that knows no season, no gender and no mismatches. You can pair a white blouse with absolutely anything else you want to wear, from jeans to a sequined mini and beyond. Wear it with any other colors or patterns, any accessories or hairdos. In cold weather, you can top it off with a blazer. In hot weather, you can wear it with a pair of shorts. It’s simple, elegant and eye-catching, and it’s easy to see why everyone is celebrating this classic fashion piece.

This year, the white blouse has some distinct style characteristics that you need to seek out if you want to have the latest trendy look. In other words, don’t reach for that collared button-down you’ve had in the closet for four years. It’s time to upgrade your white blouse so that it’s fluffier and trendier for this year’s fashion.

What to Look For

The white blouse is a versatile garment that you can find just about anywhere. When you’re shopping for yours, look for the distinct characteristics that are hot in fashion right now. Ruffles are a must-have when it comes to blouse style this year. Forget the button-up look. This year’s white blouses are designed to be…well, blousey. Look for a loose fit that you can slip on over your head, and you’re getting the right look to be on trend.

Embellishment is also big when it comes to white blouses. You want yours to be simple and elegant, but you don’t want it to be too simple. A little bit of lace, a mock turtleneck collar, a bow at the neck or on the cuffs — right now, you want to be a little extra. Look for any blouse that has some additional touches, and you will be closer to getting the look that all the fashionistas want to have.

How to Wear Your White Blouse

The best way to accessorize a fluffy white blouse is with a belt. Whether you’re going to tuck it your blouse or wear it hanging out, a belt is a great way to define your waist and emphasize your shape. A loose, flowing blouse is comfortable and it’s great in theory, but you don’t want your fashion to swallow you up. Add a belt to add a little definition, so your curves won’t completely disappear.

As for when to wear your white blouse, every answer is the right answer. The beauty of a white blouse is that it can be casual, professional or sexy, depending on what you wear with it and the attitude you choose to put on while you’re wearing it. Get a great white blouse, and you can create all sorts of different looks to get the hot spring and summer style.

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