Fall Fashion You Can Wear Right Now

Fall 2019 may truly be a fashion season when everything old is new again. Retro sweaters and blue jean jackets from the ‘70s are making the scene, while our love affair with animal prints and long skirts shows no sign of going away. Designers’ biggest nod to the past may be the inspiration they’re taking from Victorian styles. Sweet prints and puffy sleeves with a contemporary twist are everywhere.

The newest note in Fall fashion is the emergence of green as the hue de jour. It’s the shade that’s showing up in every tone, silhouette, and material. From bright teals, deep jade and soft pistachio, green is the color that rules from evening gowns to tie-dye patterns. These are the style trends you’ll see off the runways and on the streets in the coming weeks.

’70s Euro

Take a trip back to the 1970s in Europe and the UK. Mix and match timeless pieces you already have with the latest takes on midi skirts, khaki pants and blazers. Make a double-breasted blazer a staple in your wardrobe. Treat yourself to plaids and checks and definitely consider a houndstooth coat. Classic and simple is a noticeable Fall trend.

Victorian Romance

Sweet prints and puffy sleeves, bows and ruffled necklines, brocades and silk chiffons are a nod to the romantic Victorian influence that’s in the Fall air. Put a modern, casual spin on the trend by layering corsets on top of your favorite T-shirt and pairing a shiny new brocade top with your favorite jeans.

Long Skirts

Long skirts are a perfect partner for the Victorian corsets and brocade tops. Hemlines continue to drop with midi skirts remaining a big favorite and maxi lengths emerging as a trend. Make the most of the silhouette by trying tiered skirts and bright, bold colors and prints.

Every Shade of Green

Head to toe green took over the New York Fashion Week runways in hues ranging from softest pistachio to brightest neon. Shop the shade if you’re looking for new statement coat. Look for tie-dye patterns in bright teal or deep jade. The rich color rules in all fabrics and silhouettes, so feel comfortable in mixing tones top to bottom. When the monochromatic look starts to feel a little boring, add a bit of pop to the mix with a contrasting color such as pink.

Animal Prints

Animal prints continue to prowl the runways and roam the streets. Take your pick from snake print to leopard, zebra to tiger. This fall may be time to try an animal or reptile you haven’t worn before. Go a little wild by mixing and matching prints for a head-to-toe look. Stylists have been using these animal motifs as neutrals, but this is the season designers decided they should be standouts. Think trench coats in purple snakeskin-print and zebra-print gowns constructed with an asymmetrical design.

Darker Denim

Lighter washes are giving way to darker denim hues such as inky indigo. Get set for jeans in moodier shades of charcoal and black to match Winter skies, and experiment with denim-on-denim styling when the weather cools. Find an oversized jean jacket that your boyfriend would want to borrow.

Sweater Dressing

Retro sweaters are a big part of the trend harkening back to the ‘70s and earlier. Color-block patterns and marbled motifs share the stage with ribbed and chunky knits.  Style an oversize sweater top with a midi skirt.

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