Stuck In A Rut? How To Climb Your Career Ladder

If your goal is to make more money than you’ve been making and increase your responsibilities in the company, you might want to try reaching for that promotion. Climbing the ladder can be tricky, especially when everyone else at your company wants a promotion too. Take a look at these tips given by career experts on how to move your career forward fast.

Be Proactive

Managers are always looking for people who can lead. If you show that you’re proactive by getting ahead on assignments, beating deadlines and solving problems, you’ll stand out.

Take Charge In Meetings With Your Boss

This year, when you have a meeting with your boss, take charge. Go in prepped and ready with an agenda of what needs to be covered. This is an excellent time to talk about your career and your performance.

Study Thought Leaders In Your Industry

Read material from those in your field who have innovative ideas. This will arm you with more knowledge, so you can provide even better solutions.

Become a Thought Leader In Your Industry

This is an excellent time to start writing essays, articles and eBooks on things that are in your field of expertise. Even if you feel like you’re not an expert, there is always someone who doesn’t know something that you know. This is a great time to start positioning yourself as a subject matter expert.

Speak Up

During meetings, don’t just sit in the corner and not say anything. Constructively include your thoughts and opinions. Take thorough notes so you can do a follow up email of the meeting to your supervisor or boss.

Be A Team Player

Help build your team around you by pulling others up with you.

Be Open To New Opportunities

When new opportunities present themselves, take them. Don’t be shy about claiming them.

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