Diet-Friendly and Gluten-Free Christmas Party Food

Christmas parties are basically just diet wreckers waiting to happen. Holiday parties are supposed to be fun, but for anyone with special dietary needs they can be a real pain. It can be hard to find something to eat when you’re working with a limited list of acceptable foods. Make your party perfect by serving gluten-free and other diet-friendly foods that are delicious and totally safe to eat.

Deviled Eggs

A classic dish at many a holiday party, deviled eggs are traditionally laden with fat because of all the mayonnaise. But you can make deviled eggs with Greek yogurt for a protein-rich, low carb, gluten-free appetizer. Take it up a notch and use dairy-free Greek yogurt for those who are lactose intolerant.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuff baby bell peppers with feta cheese and sautéed mushrooms to make a filling, delicious dish that’s full of protein and low in calories. Grill the peppers, then stuff them and pop them under the oven broiler for just a few seconds to give the cheese a nice finish.

Eggplant Bites

Cut eggplant or squash into medallions and grill them. Top them with sliced baby tomatoes and fresh herbs to create delicious little bites of gluten-free and vegan-friendly goodness. Add a dish of feta or shredded cheese on the side for people who want to add a little extra to these tasty veggie bites.

Spinach Salad

Mix baby spinach leaves with strawberry halves to make a vitamin-rich, low-calorie salad. Add some walnut chunks for crunch and top it with a little feta cheese to create a decadent delight for vegetarians, gluten-free eaters and dieters.

Brussels and Bacon

Cut roasted Brussels sprouts in half and place them on toothpicks with small chunks of turkey bacon for a healthy party treat. This is completely gluten-free and packed with vitamins. These little bites pack so much flavor, all you’ll need is a little light salt and pepper to make them amazing.

Creamy Cucumber Bites

Top slices of fresh cucumber with thin slices of smoked salmon. Add a dab of cream cheese and put a toothpick through each bite to turn it into a perfect low-calorie party food. These bites are perfect for gluten-free eaters, but anyone can enjoy this creamy taste and the surprisingly nice pairing of smoked salmon with refreshing cucumber.

Berry Cups

Simmer cranberries, blue berries and blackberries together on a low heat and mix well. Serve your berry blend in cocktail glasses topped with Greek yogurt. This dish will satisfy any hardcore dieter, gluten-free eater, or vegetarian.

Ricotta Peaches

Bake peach sections in the oven with a little bit of honey. Top each section with a dab of ricotta cheese to create a wonderful sweet treat that’s low in calories and free of gluten. A sprinkle of chopped almonds adds a little crunch to this delicious dessert dish.

Better Christmas Party Food

Make party food that can be eaten even by those with very specific dietary needs, and make your party stand out as a great memory for every guest. With plenty of low-calorie and healthy options to try, you can stick to your own holiday diet, too!

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