Make Being Single During the Holidays Feel Fun

Commercials, movies, and even Christmas carols can make you feel like being single during the holiday season is the worst. But actually, there’s a lot to love about being single during the holidays—and a whole lot of ways you get to have the fun that all those couples can’t.

Get Yourself Some Gifts

You’re not going to be spending any money on gifts for a sweetheart, or anyone in their family. That means you can take the money you would have spent if you were in a relationship and spend it on yourself. Do the whole thing. Get the gifts, wrap them, put them under the tree and open them on Christmas morning. Why shouldn’t you? Opening gifts is always fun, even when you’re the one who wrapped them.

Go to Ladies’ Night

When you’re in a relationship during the holidays, you’re obligated to go to all kinds of places and events. You have to go with them to their office party, or their Aunt Cathy’s house, or whatever. When you’re single, you don’t have to deal with any of that. So instead of going to some holiday gathering that will may not be any fun, go out to a ladies’ or guys’ night somewhere. Tons of bars and clubs of all types have them, even during Christmas week. Find one and go.

Even if it’s lame, it’s going to be better than an office party. And even if it’s lame, you’re out of the house and out on the town—until you go home, climb into your comfy pajamas and have a horror movie marathon. Because watching horror movies alone is a fantastic way to celebrate any holiday when you’re single.

Volunteer Somewhere

All that time you would have wasted shopping for a significant other, going to all their holiday events and spending time with their families can be spent doing something good for someone else. Go volunteer somewhere, anywhere, and do a good deed. This will make you feel good about yourself and you’ll have a chance to meet other volunteers, too. It’s a good way to feel less lonely during the holiday season, and it’s a good use of extra time you might have spent feeling single instead.

Stay in and Eat Chinese

Chinese food places are open all through the holiday season, even on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So stay in and eat some. Get as much of whatever as you want, and you get to have all the egg rolls. Put on your PJs or a face mask, or put your hair in curlers and stream something.

Have Fun During the Holidays

The world, your family and everything around you might tell you that being single during the holidays is just awful, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Who says you should feel bad about being single? There are a lot of advantages to not being partnered up. Celebrate some of them this holiday season, and fill the season with fun. Because hey, you’re single. That means you get to have just as much fun as you want.

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