Cleaning Hacks To Keep Your Space Tidy

A clean space can open up your mind and leave you feeling more relaxed. Keeping things tidy should create a serene living environment and allow you to focus on more critical tasks at hand, like what’s for dinner.

However, creating this serene environment could take up a reasonable amount of time. We’re highlighting cleaning hacks that will fast track your cleaning activities and save you some money too.

Lemon for garbage disposals

A frozen mixture of lemon chunks and vinegar will not only keep your garbage disposal sharp, but it will also deodorize it.

Baking soda for your sink

A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can unclog your slowly draining sink. Mix and pour as needed.

Trivet for makeup brushes

Rather than washing your brushes with your hands, get a silicone trivet which will clean more effectively.

Alcohol for your microfiber couch

Mist rubbing alcohol on your microfiber couch and use a white scrub brush to make it look good as new. It’ll get rid of all the excess grime, dirt and dust while restoring its original color.

Use a dry towel to hasten the drying time for clothes

You can save time and energy consumption by wrapping your wet clothes in a dry towel before putting them in the dryer.

Quick fix for a blender

Rather than wash and scrub manually, fill your blender with warm water, add some droplets of liquid soap and turn on the blender. It cleans faster and more effectively. Repeat without the soap to rinse.

Cornstarch for grease

Apply cornstarch on the affected clothing area, leave for a few minutes, brush it off, and prep to wash. The stains will come right out.

In this day and age, we all need to work smarter and not harder. These cleaning hacks will help you achieve just that while saving you time, money, and energy consumption.