Four Surprising Benefits of Smiling

Smiling at someone can make their day go from zero to a hundred real quick. Your smile could be that bright spot in someone’s day that gives them a reason to forge ahead. There are countless benefits of smiling both for you and others. We’re sharing four benefits below!

  1. Reduction in stress levels- Smiling triggers endorphins in the body; they are the body’s feel-good hormones that automatically help you relax. If you smile even when you are not entirely happy, the endorphins released by your smile trick your body into relaxing because they think you are happy. So, smile more to make yourself feel good even when you don’t!
  2. Increase in life expectancy- Endorphins aside, smiling helps make you feel younger than you are. Research shows that people who smile more have a happy disposition that can increase their life expectancy. Move over skincare regimens! Cracking a smile might be the secret to a healthier-looking face and a longer life.
  3. Staying positive- Because the brain believes you have something to be joyful about when you smile, you can always stay positive just by smiling.
  4. It is the best medicine- Ever wonder what people mean when they say laughter is the best medicine? Oh, well, it is. Smiling or laughing can release another neurotransmitter called serotonin. Just like its close cousin, endorphins, serotonin makes you feel happy while it boosts your immune system. So, yes, it is the best medicine you can get free of charge.

Not feeling very cheery? Smiling provides you an instant way to lift your mood and feel better. It can relieve your stress while helping you remain youthful. So, never start your day without a smile on your face!

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