Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Home?

While Valentine’s Day may look different this year, that doesn’t mean you should skip out on a chance to celebrate love. Whether you’re celebrating with a partner, your spouse, or a couple close friends, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show the ones you care about that you love them. If we need anything right now, it’s to show each other more love. Here are a few ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home:

Order your favorite restaurant to-go

Maybe you have a favorite spot to eat for date night or a girl’s night out. This year, order your food to-go and enjoy your meal in the comfort of your own home. Put your phone away and talk to each other. If you need a few ideas to get the conversation flowing, write down conversation starters on little bits of paper, fold them up, and throw them in a bowl. Take turns picking a topic.

Cook something together

Pinterest is an absolute goldmine for recipes. Anything you can ever imagine making is on there. If you’re not skilled in the kitchen, search for “easy” recipes for you and your loved ones to make together. Turn on some music, lace-up the aprons, and make something you can both be proud of.

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Get dressed up

There’s something about living together and quarantining together that makes us comfortable lounging around in our comfy clothes all day. Hey, that’s A-OK in my book, but your partner might find delight in seeing you done up every once in a while. Especially now, when we don’t have many occasions to dress up, take the time to feel like you are going out for a nice dinner.

Host an at-home wine tasting

Head over to the grocery store or your favorite wine shop and pick out a few bottles of wine that you’ve never tried. Pull out some wine glasses at home, give yourselves tasting pours of each, and exchange opinions on the wines. Describe what you taste in each and vote on your favorite. Who says you need to go to a winery to have a wine tasting?

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Decorating always makes celebrations more festive. There are so many cute Valentine’s Day decorations to add to the ambiance at home. The options are endless!


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