Biggest beauty trends you should hop on right now

The beauty industry remains one of the largest in the world, and with trends popping up every day, it’s sometimes hard to stay on top of it all.

No makeup

2019 has seen a lot of beauty influencers and celebrities alike wearing less makeup, and we are absolutely in love with this trend. Rather than wearing colorful and loud makeup, a lot of people are opting for the soft nude glam. All you need to achieve your look is a nude eyeshadow palette, foundation, powder, mascara, lipstick, and you can still include a false eyelash if you want to glam it up!

The ’90s Updo

Beauty influencers predicted that this would make a comeback this year, and it certainly did! Rihanna was the champion of this cause. We have seen her wear her hair up in the 90’s style while allowing pieces to fan the sides of her face. The look is fabulous because anyone can wear it, and it can be dressed up or down!

Stylish nail art

Logo manicures are becoming an absolute crowd favorite! The trend entails your nail technician painting on any logo of your choice. If you can think it, an excellent nail tech can make it happen. It could be your favorite designer logo or a currency! It is a way to wear your favorite brand without paying enormous amounts buying the item.


Do you have eyebrows that keep you 1 hour behind schedule every time you want to step out of the house? Would you like to get up and go every morning without spending time drawing and redrawing your brows? This is one trend you want to hop on! As always, make sure they are qualified and you have seen photos of their work.

Trends come up daily, so, never be caught getting left behind on the freshest trends.

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