How to Prevent Joint Pain During a Long Flight

Flights are one of the fastest ways for your body to experience cramps and joint pains. You are sitting in one space for hours, probably cramped up, and you can even experience swollen feet due to the high altitude.

You certainly do not have to wait for the pain to set in before you do something; here are tips to help you avoid joint pain mid-flight.

Draw numbers with your feet

Medical practitioners advise moving your feet while you are seated; it can help your balance when you eventually want to get up. You can draw imaginary numbers or the alphabet with your feet. This may help prevent pain and stiffness in your foot joints and ankles.

Stretch your muscles

Although you might be a bother to the person sitting beside you, once you begin to experience discomfort, it is advised that you stand up from your seat and take a walk down the aisle. Sitting for long hours, especially at a high altitude, is a sure recipe for pain if you do not work the muscles.

Use foam rollers

This can be a god-send for both pre-flight and post-flight periods. For 5 to 10 minutes before boarding your flight, roll the roller against your body and a wall or any flat surface you find. The floor is not advisable because of hygiene reasons. Stretching can also come in handy. There are many portable foam rollers you can pick up from places like Amazon.

Do some grounding

It’s advised that after your flight and when you arrive to your destination, step outside with bare feet and do some “grounding.” Grounding entails you coming in contact with the earth, and it is a common practice that has proven useful to alleviate jet lag and joint pain post-flight.

While flying can be a fantastic mode of transportation, pain often comes with the long travel hours, and finding a way to rid yourself of that is crucial. Utilizing one or two of these tips will help you reduce joint pain while helping you have a more enjoyable flight experience.

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