Beauty Subscriptions to Try at Home

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Say hello to your new and most favorite beauty investment yet. Beauty products can add up for the beauty-obsessed who want to try everything.

With subscription boxes rising in popularity, you can try all the newest and trendiest beauty products without breaking the bank. If you’re unsure what subscription box is best for you, don’t stress; we’ve curated this list of beauty subscriptions below to get you started!

5 Beauty Subscription Boxes We Love

If you have Instagram, you’ve seen ads for beauty subscription boxes. Whether you’re stuck in a beauty rut or simply want to sample the latest products, a subscription box will introduce you to the best in beauty. For a monthly fee ranging from $5 to $50, you get beauty products delivered right to your doorstep — and we call that a win-win, especially with social distancing guidelines hindering traditional shopping habits.

  1. FabFitFun

Even if you don’t know too much about subscription boxes, you have probably heard about FabFitFun — and with good reason. They are one of the best beauty and lifestyle subscription boxes. The highly-touted boxes ship four times a year, as opposed to monthly, to give you the best products at the beginning of each season.

Why We Love It: 

The products curated for each box are full-sized and are valued at over $200, but you pay $49.99. They also let you add on other beauty products at a discounted price and join an exclusive beauty-obsessed community!

FabFitFun: $49.99 charged quarterly (sign up here)

  1. Birchbox

Based in New York City, Birchbox sends its subscribers samples of the newest makeup and beauty-related products hitting the shelves each month. A Birchbox subscription is perfect for those wanting to try a smaller and more frequent service. By sending sample sizes, you get to try the products before deciding if you’re going to splurge on the full-size product saving you time and money.

Why We Love It: 

The service lets you sample new products each month, but they also offer varying payment tiers. Plus, there’s no waiting for the next season since you’ll receive 4-5 samples each month.

Birchbox: Starting at $12 charged monthly (sign up here)

  1. Boxycharm

If you follow Kylie Jenner, then you have heard of Boxycharm. Boxycharm is a good option if you want full-sized beauty and makeup products arriving at your doorstep every month. It’s the best of both worlds! Plus, they offer an exclusive online community packed with tutorials and insider-only giveaways. They also offer a premium version of their subscription service called BoxyLuxe.

Why We Love It:

We always love it when products are full-sized, but we also love a good discount. Charmers receive numerous discounts, up to 80% off their curated pop-up shops. Plus, you can tailor your subscription to your budget with BoxyLuxe, pre-paid options, and additional premium upgrades.

BoxyCharm: Starting at $25 charged monthly (sign up here)


COCOTIQUE offers 5-8 curated lifestyle, beauty, and self-care products for women of color. Packed with discount codes, each box will help you build your beauty arsenal. It’s more than simply finding the latest products. COCOTIQUE aims to deliver products that also boast healthy ingredients for a monthly indulgence of self-care.

Why We Love It:

Each box features a mix of samples, deluxe-sized, and full-sized products for you to try. After escaping for a little ‘me time,’ you can shop the products in a curated store with your discount codes.

COCOTIQUE: $25 charged monthly (sign up here)

  1. Petit Vour

Calling all clean beauty lovers! If you want to ensure that all your products are natural, vegan, cruelty-free and conscious, this is the perfect subscription box. Petit Vour knows it can be daunting to find natural beauty products that are both luxe and clean. Like many others, this subscription service offers an upgrade option, and payment options to suit your budget.

Why We Love It: 

When you receive your box and utilize the curated products, you can help others find great clean beauty too. By reviewing the products you receive, you earn points to redeem in their shop. They also send more personalized products when you give them your skin type!

Petit Vour: Starting at $15 charged monthly (sign up here)

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