Transitional Trends: What to Wear Now and Later

It’s hard to invest in clothes knowing that, in just a few short months, all the goodies we bought for summer will be sentenced back to the closet and may not even be in style next year when they can reemerge. Here’s the good news: We’ve narrowed down some trends that are thriving right now that will carry into the fall months ahead. No need to let a good thing go, just make it transitional.


Plaid has been big this summer, and it will continue to be a strong trend into fall. Rather than stow away your plaid dresses and miniskirts until next spring, make them useful in the fall and winter months. By simply adding a pair of tights, a tall boot, or a chunky sweater, you can make what was once a warm-weather trend a fall-forward look — all it takes is a little creativity.

Puff Sleeves

Most puff-sleeve dresses and tops deliver a quintessentially summer vibe, but they can easily move into fall territory — it’s all about layering. Grab a ribbed or cotton long sleeve turtleneck and style it underneath your puff sleeve shirts. Wear tights under your puff sleeve dress. Tuck your blouse in with a pair of dark jeans, and suddenly, you’re trendsetting for the season.

Long Shorts

For this look, it’s all about the styling. Sure, a longer denim short has a beachside appeal, but transform the trend by pairing them with an oversized sweater and boots or loafer. You’ve gone from a summer-by-the-sea look to a slouchy, yet sophisticated, fall-forward outfit. Bonus points if you have long shorts in leather. Those are quintessential fall pieces, and your sense of style will not go unnoticed.


A big trend for the summer is the bralette or wearing your swim top as a shirt. This cropped look doesn’t have to disappear in the fall. Try pairing your itty-bitty tops with a blazer or cardigan and pants or jeans for a flirty fall look. Plus, we love any excuse to keep showing that summer glow.

Square Toe Sandals

This look is the biggest shoe trend of the summer, but it doesn’t have to be over once September rolls around. Instead of tossing these beauties into your closet’s depths, try investing in some femme, made-to-be-seen socks to wear with your sandal. This trend works best with a heeled sandal rather than a flat for a chic and elevated approach to fall footwear.

Pastels & Neons

2020 has been the summer for color, but you can bring the colorful trend into your fall looks. Just because the weather is a bit cooler doesn’t mean we have to resign to a life of beige. Keep those bright hues rotating in your closet and pair them with fall staple pieces to keep the look current. If nothing else, this will help you stand out from the sea of taupe cable knit sweaters.

What other summer trends are you trying to work into your fall wardrobe? Drop advice and inspiration in the comments below.

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