Background Noises Suitable for Work

Whether you work from an office or at home, sometimes it can be difficult to stay motivated. Some people are distracted by too much noise, while others can’t stand working in silence. But did you know that certain background noises have proved to increase productivity, creativity, and concentration? Here are a few non-distracting background noises that are most suitable for work.

Coffee Shop Sounds

If you love the ambiance of working from a coffee shop but don’t necessarily have the energy (or capacity) to go there, you’re in luck! Coffitivity provides all the background noises of a coffee shop without the distraction of being there.

Classical Music

Whether you prefer Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, or Mozart, listening to classical music has been shown to boost concentration and self-discipline. Pick a classical music station that speaks to you and let the creative juices flow!

White Noise

White noise drowns out other sounds while simultaneously contributing to your ability to stay focused. If you’re looking for total relaxation, this is the background sound for you. (It’s also the noise of choice for getting a baby or toddler to sleep.) There are many white noise machines available, but you can just as easily access white noise on your smartphone.

Brown and Pink Noise

Brown and pink noise fall into the same category of white noise but with a few variations. Brown noise is white noise at much lower frequencies (like the sound of waves crashing on the shore). These deep bass sounds are more comforting for some people and may help them focus better. Pink noise has lower and higher frequencies, but at low frequencies, the pitch is louder, and at high frequencies, it’s softer (like gentle rain tapping on glass, for example).

Try Something Unique

Sometimes, mixing things up and trying something new can help. For example, turning on a radio station or podcast in a foreign language provides those background voices that are less distracting because you don’t speak the language.

Do you find that you work better with background noise? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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