6 Fiction & Non-Fiction Books By Women You Should Read This Spring

We’ve got an incredible list of books written by women that will be perfect reads for the Spring and Summer. From Zadie Smith to Anne Patchett, these books will take you on incredible journeys and adventures. Some are fiction, some non fiction, but all will have you glued cover to cover.

The Year of Magical Thinking 
Written by Joan Didion, this book is a reflection of the grief and loss she endured after the tragic death of her husband and daughter.

This One Summer
This is a classic coming-of-age novel where cousins Mariko and Jillian tell the story of Rose. Rose is a young girl navigating the complicated world between post-childhood and pre-adulthood. The story is a mixture of joy and sadness.

Pride And Prejudice
This book by Jane Austen puts an iconic twist on the story of boy meets girl. In this story a wealthy young man meets an independent minded woman and the two instantly dislike each other. They eventually discover that they are a perfect romantic fit.

Dept. Of Speculation
If you’re a wife and/or mother, you will get a kick out of this hilarious novel. The wittiness of this novel cuts deep into the human condition.

My Brilliant Friend
This book captures the complexity of female friendship – the love, jealousy, competition and all. Author, Elena Ferrante describes the struggle between main characters who are working to succeed in their poor neighborhood outside of Naples.

Come As You Are
Written Emily Nagoski, this book will tell you things about the human body that you should have been taught in middle school.

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