5 Style Tips We Can Learn From Princess Diana

Often hailed the greatest style icon of the 20th Century, Princess Diana’s renowned fashion choices have remained timeless to this day. From that infamous LBD, to her elegant and unique Royal jewelry pieces, here are 5 style tips we can learn from the late Princess of Wales.

Co-Ords Have Always Been Cute 

One of the most memorable outfits Diana wore was her navy blue skirt and matching blouse, which was her outfit of choice for her engagement announcement at Buckingham Palace on February 24th, 1981. This classic outfit strikes a perfect balance between formal and chic, with the black clutch dressing it up and the tailored-fit complimenting Diana’s frame for a smart yet stylish look. Co-ords have had a massive comeback over the last couple of years and Princess Diana showed that you don’t always have to opt for a dress to look feminine and fashionable. Click Here

Power Blazers and Pinstripes Are a Winning Combo 

There’s something sexy and powerful about a blazer dress, and it’s certainly not a trend that will go out of style any time soon. Paired with a pinstripe print, this look is clean and effortless. Click Here

Long Live The LBD! 

One thing Diana taught us is never underestimate the power of a classic LBD. Her iconic ‘revenge’ dress is a look that lives on today, reminding us how a simple choice can look sleek, sassy and incredibly sexy! Click Here

Color Coordinating Always Works  

Diana was the Queen of accessories and often color matched all of her outfits so carefully that they always looked on point. Her matched combinations show us that color coordinating is key. Click Here

Let Your Accessories Do The Talking 

Whether you’re dressing up a daytime outfit or adding a touch of sparkle to an evening dress, make your jewelry and accessories the centerpiece when wearing plain items in your wardrobe. Adding an oversized pair of earrings or styling a jeweled choker with your favorite black dress is a simple yet effective way to make your outfit stand out. Click Here

What is your favorite Princess Diana look?