3 Trendy Nail Looks For Spring

Still painting your nails in a single color, or wearing that same old French manicure? It’s time to give your nails an update and give them some of the trendy looks of 2019. Try these trendy nail looks, because you deserve a change after the winter!

Add an Accent Nail

Try this new nail trend and start playing with multiple colors. If you want to look really fashionable, at least one nail on each hand should be different from all the others. Create an accent nail to really make your look stand out. You can do this by covering one nail in glitter polish, or painting it in a shade that contrasts against the rest of your polish. As long as you’re painting an accent nail on your hands, do one for your toenails, too!

A Little Bit Softer

Bold, bright colors are all over high-fashion clothing this year, but nails are showing more muted looks. Keep your hands on-trend by painting your nails with muted shades of gray, pale pink and neutral tones. Nude nails are a hot look, too, and this trend is very easy to create with just a little clear polish. Sticking with a soft color palette for your nails makes it easy for you to wear fashions and accessories in any shade you want because your outfit won’t clash with your hands.

Negative Space

The negative space nail trend looks difficult to create. But once you learn how to do it, you can design it easily whenever you like. Create negative nail space with thin ribbon tape. After you apply a clear base coat and let it thoroughly dry, place strips of ribbon tape diagonally across each nail and then paint them. Go right over the tape when you apply polish. Apply as many coats as you want, but then carefully pull off the tape to reveal your negative space. Do this slowly and do this while nails are still wet. Otherwise, you may cause chips and cracks in the polish.

Try Some Trendy Nails

Forget about following the rules when it comes to painting your nails. Experiment with negative spaces, eye-catching accent nails and a color palette that will look great with any shades of the rainbow you may happen to be wearing. When your nails are on-trend, your whole look becomes more put-together and totally fashionable. Try giving yourself some trendy nail looks, and make all your friends envious!

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