3 Ways to Drink More Water on the Daily

Whether looking to quench your thirst or keep your skin looking fresh and clean, water is the only way to go. While it may not be full of flavor, the healthy version of drinking on the rocks is something that we all need to top up on. Trade caffeine for calorie free to break your late afternoon latte and brighten your smile. Exchanging that extra cup of coffee (or cola) for a refill of your water bottle is an easy and efficient way to start (or energize) a healthy, active lifestyle. Pick up the following tips to learn how to ride the wave and drink more water on the daily.

Start a Routine

Before chomping down on breakfast in the morning and crawling into bed at night, get into the habit of crushing a glass of water. By starting a routine and setting a time of day to get your drink on, you’ll remember to touch the tap or pop the bottle.

So you love your sleep and aren’t into waking up in the middle of the night to hit the washroom? We get it. Try replacing your go-to juice, pop or glass of the good stuff with water at every meal of the day.

Work It Out

When participating in exercise we tend to not only sweat more, but also drink more. Whether heading to the gym or hitting the pavement, step up your work out game to increase your water consumption. Squeeze in one more session every week to relieve stress, build muscle and add an extra liter of water to your regimen.

Replace and Repeat

With the work day slowly winding down, 3 p.m. is snack time. Depending on the day, you’ll munch on mixed fruit, nibble on cheese and crackers or indulge in a chocolate treat. Either way, the tie-over until dinner is commonly habitual. Cut the extra (and empty) calories by replacing snacks with water. Drinking one full glass of water will have the same effect on your appetite and keep you on track for later eats.

Added tip: if you’re still having trouble remembering to drink the right amount of water, we recommend a few bottles from Uncommon Goods like the Hydration Tracking Water Bottle and the Drink More Water Bottle, which help track how much you drink throughout the day.

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