3 Ways to Add Cauliflower to Your Meals

Cauliflower hasn’t been the most glamorous vegetable in the past, but it’s beginning to finally have its moment in the sun. Cauliflower is a trendy superfood, and there are tons of reasons why. A single cup of cauliflower contains Vitamins C, B and K, along with a healthy dose of potassium and fiber. Cauliflower is packed with vitamins and minerals but not calories; at 27 calories a cup this is a great food to incorporate into many meals. Experiment with three ways to transform this veggie, and you will find out how easy it is to start using cauliflower in your recipes.

Turn It Into Rice

If you’re watching your carb intake, cauliflower can become your very best friend. Instead of eating rice, place 6 medium steamed cauliflower florets into a food processor. Pulse multiple times, until the cauliflower has a consistency similar to rice. If you find it’s too soggy you can press it into a paper towel to wring out excess water. You can also put the rice into a nut milk bag to squeeze out the excess water. Put the rice into a sauté pan with a little olive oil, salt and paper for a couple of minutes. Eat this rice with a cup of red or black beans to put a twist on the classic southern dish, or let it stand as a delicious base for a serving of grilled chicken or fish. Cauliflower is a gluten-free swap for rice that’s much lower in calories and carbs.

Make It a Mash

Chop cauliflower up into medium-sized pieces and boil them for about 20 minutes. Strain the cauliflower and let your veggies cool for another 20 minutes, then use a food processor to turn cauliflower into a creamy mash. Add a little skim milk, butter and seasoning to taste. This is a filling, delicious and low-calorie substitute for mashed potatoes. This simple trick lets you enjoy classic comfort food and still stick to a low-cal diet.

Cauliflower Pizza Dough

If you’re gluten-free or just carb-conscious, cauliflower is your new best friend. You can turn this veggie into dough of all types, including a tasty pizza crust that’s grain-free and healthy. It takes about one large head of cauliflower to make a pizza crust. Repeat the same steps as the first recipe for preparing your cauliflower. Break the head down into florets and pulse it into fine pieces in a food processor, and don’t forget to drain the moisture out.

Start adding in your other dough ingredients (2 beaten eggs, spices to taste), mix and knead well, and spread the resulting paste-like dough on your baking sheet in a thick, even coat. Flip once slightly browned to be sure the other side is cooked. Add your sauce and toppings, (don’t go too heavy or it will re-hydrate the crust), bake it for another few minutes until they are melted, and dig into your cauliflower pizza!

Start Eating Cauliflower

The hottest restaurants are already carrying cauliflower dishes, and many people are learning how versatile this food can be. Use cauliflower as a grain substitute, a filler for meals or just a creative way to integrate more veggies into your diet while adding very few calories to your meal. The more you eat cauliflower, the less you will be eating high-calorie alternatives.

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