2020 Skin Trends

Pretty much every activity from working to physical activity, to spa days and romantic dates, is being done in the home now. After almost 3 months of practicing social distancing, people have had to get creative in finding new ways to feel refreshed and entertained. The same thing goes for skincare, and since the beginning of COVID-19, self-care and treating yourself has been at an all-time high now that people have have been asked to hit the pause button.

If you need the inspiration to treat yourself or are just looking to change up your routine, take a look at these 2020 skincare trends that you can incorporate into your routine today!


Clean Beauty

Clean, non-toxic products have been on the rise these past few years and there is no exception for beauty products! The beauty industry is one of the most plastic dependent industries out there, and with sustainability and environmental consciousness becoming more popular, so is the need for non-toxic, sustainable beauty products that are just as good for your skin as they are for the earth!

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Eye Gel Pads

Eye gel pads, AKA eye masks (not the ones that protect your eyes from light, but the ones that go underneath your eyes), have become extremely popular, almost essential beauty products that should be in every person’s beauty cabinet. Under-eye masks allow the thinnest, most sensitive area of skin on your face to absorb extra hydration. They are great for traveling, especially on planes that tend to dry your skin out!

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Microneedling tools

Microneedling is a skin treatment where a dermatologist will use a tool called a “dermaroller” which is made up of microneedles that are rolled onto the skin to increase collagen production, brighten skin and help with acne. The good news is that at home micro-needling tools are on the rise! Now you can receive all the same benefits from the spa, at home. Make sure to research how to properly use the derma-roller in order to prevent injuries or scarring.

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Retinol is made up of Vitamin A, which helps with acne, scarring, brightening the skin, and overall evening out of the skin tone.

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Having an amazing toner can completely change your beauty routine. Toners are best used after washing your face in order to close and tighten all your pores after they are opened from exfoliation. This means that it helps seal the pores so that dirt doesn’t get into your freshly cleansed skin.

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