Ways to Be an Ally Now and In the Future

While I normally come to you as a lighthearted voice, now seems like best time to use our voices in an impactful way. In what can seem like a daunting and overwhelming sea of information, we wanted to create an easy-to-follow breakdown of ways we can all be better allies to the black community today and going forward. While this is not a comprehensive list of ways to help, it’s a start for those looking to get involved. And please, if you have additional organizations, learning tools, and general information worth sharing, feel free to leave a comment.

If You’d Like to Make a Donation

Here is a list of some amazing organizations putting their donations towards ending discrimination and helping those in need. Remember, no amount is too small. All of these sites provide detailed information about where your money goes and how you’re helping.

Movement for Black Lives (click here)

NAACP (click here)

Black Lives Matter (click here)

George Floyd Memorial Fund (click here)

The Bail Project (click here)

Black Visions Collective (click here)

If You’d Like to Educate Yourself

There are many books we can read and documentaries or shows we can watch that will help educate and generate overall awareness. Check out some of our suggestions below.


White Fragility

How to Be an Antiracist

The New Jim Crow



Code Switch

Still Processing

TV and Movies:

Dear White People

When They See Us



If You’d Like to Shop Black Owned Businesses

Small businesses need our support. And even more than just small businesses, small businesses owned by black men and women. Here’s a small roundup of my favorite brands that supply you with something you’ll love and support the black community.

YOWIE (click here)

YOWIE is a home and lifestyle shop located in Philadelphia, PA.

Cool and Casual Studios (click here)

Cool and Casual Studios is a California based clothing retailer that specializes in vintage and modern goods.

Brother Vellies (click here)

Brother Vellies is a Brooklyn based shop that specializes in luxury accessories inspired by cultural history.

If You’d Like to Get Involved in Government

There are so many easy ways to get involved in local and national government. Additionally, signing a petition takes approximately two minutes and is a fantastic way to generate momentum. An easy google search can tell you who your local government officials are and the best way to contact them. Call or email and let them know where you’d like to see change in the community.

If You’d Like to Vote

Some primary elections have already passed, but several states are still ramping up for their elections. Make your voice heard in the most historical way by voting in every election. Do some research on your local candidates to make sure you are casting your vote in the most meaningful way to you.

If You’d Like to Be Social

Social media is a wonderful tool to have your voice heard on a platform. Use it constructively, be sure to spread useful and factual information, and pair it will something actionable to make the most of your platform.

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