When Your Partner Needs Affirmation

Each person experiences and expresses love in different ways. Some partners want to know why. Why you love them. Why you’re unhappy with them. Why you appreciate them, or why you’re sorry you upset them. Many of us crave reinforcement in our relationships. We want to hear spoken words of affirmation.

If your significant other is someone who needs affirmation, you can meet their need. Let them know when they impress you. When you deliver a compliment, be specific with your language.  Tell them why you think they look beautiful today. If you’ve irritated them or messed up, tell them why you’re sorry.

Tune in to your partner’s interests. Listen when they tell you about friends or family or work, and take steps to actively  support them. If you have a problem with them, discuss it without using a harsh or critical tone. Make sure you offer specifics about your complaint.

Be aware that a partner who responds to words of affirmation is looking for meaningful, positive dialogue. Envision the feedback you’d get from the best manager at work.

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